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UNITE HERE Local 878 Endorses Mark Begich for Governor

“Mark Begich has been a continuous supporter of Local 878 and the Alaskan community and will work diligently to create a thriving Alaska economy. Mark stands by workers in support of fair wages, medical benefits, and workplace safety. He supports keeping the PFD which benefits working families and will work hard to address crime and safety issues we face in our communities.”

Emil Notti Endorses Mark Begich for Governor

“Mark Begich is the right choice for Alaska‚Äôs future. Just like his father and my friend before him, Congressman Nick Begich, Mark has an unwavering dedication to teachers, policemen, the labor community, and hard-working Alaskans all across our state. At a time when our state faces an uncertain future, we need a get-it-done leader like Mark Begich who understands the needs of working Alaskans.”